Why Should You Consider Afrormosia Wood a Substitute for Teak?

Why Should You Consider Afrormosia Wood a Substitute for Teak?


Whether it’s exterior windows, doors, interior ceilings, panels, flooring, or even decking, teak is the first choice of people. The pleasant honey hue and predictable grain make teak wood an ideal backdrop for minimalist fashion statements. But, unfortunately, many people are unable to use teak for their home applications because of its cost.

Compared to other wood species, the availability of teak species is relatively low. This leads to skyrocketing prices of teak. And thus, people cannot afford it. The thing is that the demand for the material is rising, which means the problem will persist for the long term.

You cannot afford good-quality teak, but this doesn’t mean you need to settle for inferior-quality teak. Also, you shouldn’t think that things in your house will not look good if they are not manufactured using teak. Instead of teak, you should consider one of its best alternatives, that is, Afrormosia Wood. With this, you will neither skimp on quality nor pay top dollar.

About Afrormosia Wood 

Afrormosia Wood is an exceptional option for both exterior and interior applications as its color and overall appearance are very similar to Teak. At a glance, you might not find any difference between Afrormosia Wood and Teak.

The Afrormosia species originates in West Africa. As Afrormosia resembles Teak in both wood grain and color, it is widely known as African Teak. This name is popular even though Afromosis and Teak are not the same species of wood.

Reasons to choose Afrormosia Wood as an alternative to Teak

The first and most important reason to choose Afrormosia wood is the cost. The high demand for Teak makes it unreasonably expensive for homeowners. Even if they want, they cannot use teak for their interior and exterior design elements.

Both Afrormosia and Teak share many similarities, such as they have silica levels that lend themselves well to exterior applications. Another advantage of using Afrormosia over teak is that Afrormosia displays a golden color as soon as it is milled which is similar to the look of seasoned teak.

Other than this, Afrormosia offers just the right levels of stability and hardness for durable, lasting exterior and interior applications. These applications include trim, flooring, windows, and more. On the other hand, the color of Teak comes on much later, long after the wood has been milled and has had time to oxidize and fade in the sunlight.

Afrormosia contains less oil than Teak. This helps Afrormosia wood to hold a finish more readily.

In simple words, you will get a Teak-like look with Afrormosia with some superior qualities for around half the price.

Where can you buy Afrormosia Wood?

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