Why Should You Choose Azobe Hardwood Sleeper To Create Your Home Interiors?

Why Should You Choose Azobe Hardwood Sleeper To Create Your Home Interiors?

Undoubtedly, nature has given several wood species to create home interiors. Every species has certain benefits. But, when it’s about choosing the best among them, people prefer Azobe hardwood sleepers.

For many of you, this hardwood species would be new. But, the fact is that this species is old and homeowners frequently use it to create different elements of their home interiors, such as floors, wooden beams, panels, cupboards, and others. The hardwood gives a special finish to these home interior elements.

In this post, we will discuss more Azobe hardwood sleepers and why it’s a good option for creating your home interiors.

About Azobe Hardwood Sleepers 

Derived from the Azobe tree, the Azobe hardwood sleeper is a type of timber. The Azobe tree is native to tropical regions of West and Central Africa. The growth of the Azobe tree is very unique along with its structure.

The Azobe tree is a slow-growing tree that reaches a height of up to 60 meters and a trunk diameter of up to 2 meters.

Different from others, the Azobe hardwood sleepers are coarse-textured wood. It has a tight interlocking grain that can be distinguished by a pink or brown tinge on the outside and a red-brown shade on the inside. Because of interlocking fibers, the wood is strong and tough.

The Azobe hardwood is so strong that you can cut it using only carbon steel or harder tools. You need professionals to nail and screw the boards together and give them a smooth finish.

Reasons to use Azobe hardwood sleeper to create your home interiors

Resistance to rot and insect damage- Azobe hardwood sleeper is naturally oily. It’s said that this hardwood species excretes maximum oil compared to others. Due to this, insects and fungi don’t penetrate the surface of the wood. So, it has a long lifespan with minimal maintenance requirements.

High density and strength– The density of the Azobe hardwood sleeper is approximately 1.100kg/m3. This makes it one of the densest woods among the available options. Because of its density, the Azobe hardwood sleeper has an excellent load-bearing capacity. Also, it is highly resistant to wear and tear. Other than this, it can withstand extreme weather conditions. So, it can be used to create home exteriors as well.

Highly resistant to fire– Azobe hardwood sleeper has a fire-retardant rating of Class A, which is considered to be the highest rating possible. So, this wood is highly fire-resistant. So, this is an ideal choice for home interiors. Your home will be safe in case of any fire accident.

Is there any problem with using Azobe hardwood sleeper?

Years ago, the Azobe hardwood sleeper became controversial due to concerns about sustainability and environmental impact. But, there is no such problem. The only thing is that you should buy them from a reputable supplier who certifies that the wood is sustainably harvested.

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