Why Are Afrormoisa Chopping Boards Better Than Plastic And Other Kinds Of Boards?

Why Are Afrormoisa Chopping Boards Better Than Plastic And Other Kinds Of Boards?

Afrormosia Cutting Board

In the past couple of years, afrormosia (an African wood) has immensely gained popularity and become one of the highly liked materials amongst other kinds of chopping boards.  On the off chance, if you are planning to buy a cutting board, but failing to decide whether to go with wood or plastic, mentioned below are some reasons why afrormosia wood is better than others. So, keep reading to know and learn more.

Not much Maintenance is Needed: When it comes to selecting a good chopping board, the choice of wood has always been the most crucial part. Normal chopping boards are always crafted from dense woods, for example, maple, walnut, or cherry. Having dense wood is imperative, as it helps to keep the water out, which is also a breeding place for bacteria. Even if you purchase a high-quality chopping board but fail to provide regular maintenance, the wood will start cracking or warping. But with an afrormosia cutting board, you do not have to worry about maintenance because of the hard density of the wood.  As already stated, unlike normal woods and plastic, afrormosia can resist water and will not crack up quickly. However, it is recommended to not put your African wood cutting board in a dishwasher due to extreme heat. As only thicker plastic chopping boards are contemplated safe for dishwashers! In addition to this, if you can develop a habit of cleaning a cutting board after every usage, there is nothing that can stop you from keeping it for years to come.

Superior Health and Sanitation: There is nothing wrong with stating that even the hardest wood is scarred by a chef’s knife, as it can make space for moisture, food particles, and bacteria to gather. Afrormosia can resist chef’s knife and naturally withstand water penetration, letting bacteria find a place to form. Having said that, it is always suggested to utilize proper hygiene techniques to clean your afrormosia cutting board by making use of hot water and soap or a dilution of bleach and water.

Afrormosia Looks Elegant: As a naturally light wood with fine grains, loads of kitchen professionals love the natural appearance of afrormosia and of course, the elegance it conveys! In addition, mostly, all kitchen designers and remodelers support hefty African wood chopping boards due to their uniform-chic look for an idiosyncratic kitchen. Furthermore, without getting worried about wood cracking or warping, your afrormosia cutting boards will continue to look as fresh-smooth-sleek as it was at the time of buying. Lastly, because of the resistance to soaking water, afrormosia barely cracks out or splits like other wooden or plastic cutting or chopping boards. Also, this African wood cutting board can withstand staining, which is generally an issue with meats and acidic plants such as tomatoes.

So, these were the three basic yet imperative reasons why choosing African wood chopping boards make more sense than others. In case of any queries, reach out to us hassle-freely.

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