What Type Of Wood Should You Use For Furniture Manufacturing?

What Type Of Wood Should You Use For Furniture Manufacturing?

wenge wood

When people buy furniture, they focus more on the wood type than anything else. They don’t even consider the design of the furniture over the wood type. And it’s because the wood type decides the lifespan of the furniture. If the wood and its features are not strong, the furniture will not last long. Also, the design will not be impressive.

As wood type is important in furniture manufacturing, you should be very particular in choosing it. You will impress your customers and influence them to buy your furniture only if you are confident about the wood type and its quality. So, you should choose wisely. Don’t ever pick the wood type randomly; you might suffer forever as your customers will not be satisfied.

In this post, we will discuss common wood types used for furniture manufacturing.


The most common option is Mahogany wood. When people think about wood furniture, this name automatically comes out. Mahogany wood is the most versatile and durable hardwood option. The color of Mahogany wood is deep red-brown. Most importantly, this wood is resistant to rot, chips, scratches, and dents.

If you manufacture furniture using Mahogany wood, it will look luxurious, with both modern and traditional elements. Experts refer to it as the classic wood used for fine furniture. This definitely makes a statement.


Unlike other wood types, Wenge wood is an interesting option. The best thing is its color options. You will find Wenge wood in a dark, cappuccino color. Often, the wood appears black when finished. Other than this, the Wenge wood is very coarse and durable. If you can with uneven surfaces, Wenge wood is for you.

Due to color options, the Wenge wood is used for manufacturing furniture that can be used in a modern business or house. In other words, the Wenge wood is a modern option as its finish is ideal for a variety of modern rooms. You can manufacture wood arm chairs, wood stools, and wood dining chairs.

White Ash

The bending ability of White Ash makes it a popular option for furniture manufacturing. Also, the White Ash wood is flexible, which makes it very durable and long-lasting, especially in situations when it’s used for heavy manufacturing.

If you are manufacturing furniture that needs to maintain its strength, hardness, and elasticity with heavy use, choose White Ash wood. The light color of the wood ensures a light, airy and open aesthetic. The thing is space looks bigger with White Ash furniture.


The relatively malleable feature of Beech wood makes it easy to use and work with. You can bend and shape the furniture as per choice. There are no limitations. Also, Beech wood is shock-absorbing, making it a great option for heavy daily use or handling lots of pressure over time.

Other than this, Beech wood is non-porous, which means the wood has a strong surface. The strong surface of the Beech wood holds up with heavy use, both indoor and outdoor furniture. Also, the wood resists gouging and chipping better than other wood types.

To impress your customers with your furniture manufacturing skills and quality, use one or all wood types mentioned in this post.

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