What Are the Best Exotic Hardwoods for Flooring?

What Are the Best Exotic Hardwoods for Flooring?

People love exotic things. Whether it is exotic fruits or exotic cars, they have a separate fan base. They remain incomparable. And, it is the same about the exotic hardwoods. Before we talk about exotic hardwoods, let’s understand what exotic means. Well, exotic can be defined as something that comes from a foreign land. Or, something that is not locally available. But you can find exotic hardwood Vietnam suppliers near your locations.

However, the definition of exotic is not enough to indicate what is exotic hardwood. Well, there are a few features that can help up identify exotic hardwoods. The common features of exotic hardwoods are as follows:

  • Exotic hardwoods are mostly hard. You might not be aware but all hardwoods are not necessarily hard always. Exotic hardwoods are likely to be harder than other options.
  • Exotic hardwoods are expensive. You will have to pay higher for exotic hardwoods when compared to domestic hardwoods.
  • Exotic hardwoods have wider and more pronounced grains on them.
  • You can find vibrant colors available in exotic hardwoods. They can be red, brown, or something as unusual as purple.
  • Exotic hardwoods often have contrasting colors.

Exotic hardwoods are popularly used for floorings. However, there are different varieties available in exotic hardwoods for flooring which can make it a challenge for the owner to choose one. The following are some of the best exotic hardwoods for flooring that you can choose from:

Brazilian Cherry 

Brazilian cherry is also referred to as Jatoba. However, named ‘Brazilian’ cherry, and it can be also found in Mexico and Peru. They are fiery red in color just like fresh cherries. The popularity of Jatoba has decreased in recent times, but it has also led to lower and affordable prices for buyers. One significant feature of the Brazilian cherry is its hardness. As a result, it can last for long years after a few refinishes.


Kempas are found in Malaysia and Indonesia. The reddish-pinkish brown color of Kempas is its remarkable feature. The dark stains of the Kempas make it even more attractive for users. If you do not want additional drama but solid hardwood flooring with good quality is your preference, then you can choose Kempas. It remains subtle yet adds to the aesthetics of your house. Durability is another desirable characteristic of Kempas and it is majorly used for the purpose of flooring only.


As the name suggests, Tigerwood can perfectly add a wild touch to your interiors. There are wide grains present in it with contrasting colors. This flooring accurately creates an exotic feel and reminds us of striped animals like zebra or tigers. You can give that dramatic touch to your interiors with Tigerwood. Moisture resistance is a remarkable feature of Tigerwood.

These are some of the best exotic hardwoods for flooring. Get high-quality exotic hardwood for your flooring from a reliable supplier and give your house the best exotic look.

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