The Benefits of Choosing Afrormosia for Furniture

African teak, also known as Afrormosia, is a cost-effective alternative to more expensive teak for all your wooden décor needs. The demand for premium wood slabs rises with the popularity of minimalist furniture and accessories. This African lumber closely resembles Burmese teak wood and is a form of lumber. Afrormosia has recently seen an increase in demand due to its qualities and potential.

What is Afrormosia Wood?

The hardwood of an African Afrormosia tree is known as Afrormosia wood. It’s sometimes referred to as African teak. This wood is exceptional and exotic, especially from the exterior.

Afrormosia wood properties

  • The color of the wood is often brown and has a straight, generally lustrous texture.
  • If it’s sealed, it will appear darker.
  • Afrormosia is ideal for long-lasting furniture, such as huge cabinets, because it is highly resistant to deterioration and termites.
  • While being worked on, this wood will have a peculiar odor. Despite being called African teak, it is not closely related to teak, despite their similarities. Perhaps you could use it in place of teak.

Advantages of Afrormosia Wood

Durable: Afrormosia wood is the best material to use when creating durable wood objects. Its resistance to decay is its strongest trait. This wood will make the furniture pest and termite resistant. It appears that they will need to move to a new home.

Simple to use: Working with Afrormosia is simple. Either utilize machines or hand tools when working. However, tungsten carbide cutting tools are preferred since they are robust and ensure that the woodcut is clean.

Why Choose Afrormosia For Your Furniture?


Afrormosia shares the same golden-brown hue and nearly identical grain as Burmese teak. It is a suitable replacement if your design plans call for the more expensive teak because they essentially share the same appearance and possess the same qualities. In addition, it has a slightly matte finish as opposed to the teak wood’s more polished appearance.

Price and accessibility

Afrormosia costs half as much as the more pricey variety of teak wood. Moreover, due to their scarcity, more common exotic woods see a price increase. Can you envision the design possibilities you can do with Afrormosia?


Compared to more expensive teak wood, afrormosia is harder. It is very stable against the elements and water-resistant. It can be used for flooring, wood slab doors, and trim components.

Right now, African teak is still among the higher-quality lumber that is more reasonably priced. Expect the price of afrormosia-made finished goods and lumber to increase as demand increases. It’s a promising investment that might eventually increase in value for you.

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