Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development

The context and the problematics

Cameroon has 24 million acres of forest, 40 percent of its land area is covered by tropical forest. The forest sector with close to 12 percent of its GDP [Gross Domestic Product] appears to be one of its main supports for economic development. The diversity of its biotopes makes Cameroon one of the richest countries in Africa in terms of biodiversity. Forests being considered as biological reservoirs of the world and the production of oxygen by plants constituting a necessity for life preservation on earth, the Cameroonian forests are thus an irreplaceable treasure, first on the national scale and also for humanity. Therefore they must be protected and safeguarded.

As a responsible Cameroonian company, we feel particularly concerned by that issue. That is why we have placed the sustainable development of our forest and our community at the centre of our strategy for development and growth. Our sustainable development policy is based on the postulate that, if forests are properly managed and conscientiously exploited they will contribute to:

  • Preserve the environment and biodiversity
  • Support the economy and help the less privileged

Friends of the Forest » Program

Our program of sustainable development is supported by a fund known as ‘Friends of the Forest’. This fund is financed primarily from a 2% levy on income from each sale that we make. It is managed by a committee constituted by some employees of Trading Expression and independent local forestry partners with whom we work. This fund is used amongst others things for:

Everyday sustainable practices

At Trading Expression, sustainable development also comprises daily practices like: – minimizing the use of papers while printing by printing only when necessary and by printing on both sides, – recycling of paper, -using natural light as much as possible, etc.

Take action today

By conducting business with Trading Expression, you contribute to making this wealth permanent. Submit your request today. If you have any questions concerning our program of sustainable development, feel free to contact us.