Is African mahogany Wood Good for Furniture and Cabinet Making?

Is African mahogany Wood Good for Furniture and Cabinet Making?

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Furniture and cabinet making is not just about shape, size, and design. One thing that matters the most for their durability is the wood type. You cannot expect your furniture and cabinet to last longer with any wood type. They will need replacement even after proper maintenance.

So, what’s the option? There are many but we recommend African mahogany wood in China. You can check out other wood options as well for your satisfaction. But, chances are very high that you will return to African mahogany wood. This is a good investment option because the return is good now and forever.

African mahogany wood 

Commonly referred to as Khaya, Ghana, Nigerian, and Ivory Coast Mahogany, African Mahogany is one of the most stunning and sought-after genres of Mahogany   . It’s mostly found in equatorial West Africa. The average diameter range of the African mahogany wood logs is 2-4’ inches.

A few logs of this wood species produce a beautiful ribbon figure when quarter sawed. Compared to other wood options, it’s easy to cut, glue, and finish. In simple words, African mahogany wood is easy to work with for furniture and cabinet making.

How is African mahogany wood different from standard mahogany wood options?

Most of the African mahogany traits are similar to standard Mahogany    wood options. Like standard Mahogany wood, it stains and polishes to a beautiful finish. The look of African mahogany wood ranges from light to dark reddish-brown hues and the grain patterns range from straight to more intricate interlocked.

Though the traits are similar, African mahogany is a popular choice of wood because of its beauty and brawn. The finish of the wood is stunning. Other than this, the wood type is stronger and sturdier compared to standard Mahogany    wood options.

If used properly, you will get the best furniture and cabinet for your home with African mahogany wood.

How difficult is it to maintain African Mahogany-made furniture and cabinets?

The fact is it’s easy to maintain African mahogany-made furniture and cabinets. Therefore, you shouldn’t worry and choose this wood option. Even in the long term, maintenance will not be an issue for you. And thus, you will conveniently use your furniture and cabinet for a long time.

Some maintenance tips 

  • Keep your furniture and cabinet away from excess moisture. The African mahogany    wood is water-resistant but to an extent. Because of excessive humidity, the wood will expand, resulting in buckling of the legs and splitting of the wood. This causes visible damage.
  • Avoid using abrasive cleaners and wrong cleaning methods. This can damage wood poorly. For cleaning, you should use soap and water, mild chemical-based cleaners, or the dry cleaning method.
  • Don’t delay cleaning after spillage on the furniture and cabinet. Make sure you clean the spill on the African mahogany before it dries or turns into a stain. This will prevent your unnecessary expenses on materials and repairs. Also, you will extend their lives.

African mahogany wood is a good option for your furniture and cabinet. So, contact us to get the best African mahogany wood in China.

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