At Trading Expression, we have a variety of hardwood species that can be ordered as per your needs and used for a variety of household projects. Each type of hardwood is specially sourced while keeping innovation, quality, and the environment in mind.

We help you source Wenge wood for sale as well as a range of customised solutions to achieve a successful result that suits your requirements and budget.

Our branded hardwood solutions

When freshly cut, our Wenge wood for sale gives off a yellow-brown shade but within a few months transforms into a deep brown to black tinge that looks luxurious and unique. This wood has a range of alternate layers of dark and light tissue which can make any flooring or piece of furniture aesthetically pleasing. Orientation is quite important when it comes to this wood and even though it has a straight grain and coarse texture, it’s one of the best-known exotic dark woods that can bring a sense of warmth and beauty to your home.

Custom made solutions

Wenge wood requires a certain amount of force to cut it and sharp cutting tools which are a given. They need to be finished in a pre-boring and polished with wax before nailing, or screwing, and installing. Our professionals will steam, varnish, and ensure that the wood is protected well before installation, both interior and exterior.

Varied uses of Wenge

Wenge wood is widely used in high-class furniture, cabinetry, sliced veneers, interior components, and even flowing.

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