At Trading Expression, we offer you a truly customised and tailored journey so that you can pick the hardwood of your choice to create your unique home interiors. From flooring to wooden beams, panelling, cupboards, and more, our exotic hardwood selection with special finishing can help you create the experience of your dreams.

Our team is well-trained and happy to support any needs that you may have, right from sourcing the hardwood to installing it and the final finishing. Keep in mind that all our hardwood selections reflect nature at its best.

Unique choice and grading

Our Azobe hardwood sleepers are coarse-textured wood that has a tight interlocking grain and can be distinguished by a pink or brown tinge on the outside and a red-brown shade on the inside. This wood is strong and tough and owing to its interlocking fibres and lovely finish you don’t need to treat or preserve the wood. This type of hardwood is resistant to wear and tear, insects, moisture, and heat, making it one of the hardest industrially used wood in the world.

A custom journey to your wood selection

Azobe hardwood sleepers are tough and hence, need to be cut with only carbon steel or harder tools. You would have to nail these panels of wood as they will not just stick with glue and once dry it can be tough to work with. You need professionals to help you nail and screw these boards together and give it a smooth finish or a good surface treatment if possible.

Essential uses of Azobe

Azobe can be used in places where you need to extend the desired feeling of luxury to your interiors or exteriors – think decking, container or vehicle flooring, heavy carpentry, staircases, hydraulic works, bridges, cladding, and more.

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