At Trading Expression, we believe in finesse through top-quality products and creativity as well as an excellent design process. Our hardwood collection is not limited to standard options and we have a wide range of exotic hardwood which comes in a variety of textures, grades, surface finishes, colours, and more so that you can get the bespoke flooring that your heart desires. Our Ayous cutting board is specially customised to offer you endless possibilities to suit your needs and budget and is widely used from wooden flooring to panelling, furniture components, wooden beams, and many more.

Design hardwood to meet your needs

Ayous hardwood has a creamy shade that appears white or pale with no clear distinction between heartwood. This type of wood needs a bit more care as neglect can leads it to be more susceptible to insect attacks and discolouration. This wood is lightweight, affordable, and has a slightly interlocked grain which when cut looks quite similar to African mahogany. This wood has a lustrous finish and can be easily cut into board or panels.

Expertly crafted premium Ayous hardwood

Our Ayous cutting board is fairly easy to work with owing to its toughness and durability. You can use hand or machine tools to cut this wood without affecting the texture of the grain. Just ensure that your tools are sharp so that you can get the perfect cuts. While this wood is tough, for jointed work you would need to glue the board instead of nailing, hammering, or screwing as the centre of this wood is quite soft and will sink in. Ayous takes polishing, buffing, and staining quite well so you don’t need to worry about finishes.

Bespoke uses of Ayous

Ayous can be used in household and commercial areas from moulding, to interior flooring, furniture components, panelling, joinery, sculpture, boxes and crates, and lots more.

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