Our collection at Trading Expression consists of beautiful pieces of hardwood from the forests of Cameroon in Africa. These wood pieces are known for their varied and rich tints as well as the fineness of their grain. Our customers can pick from a varied selection of finishes and polishes for their space as well as pure and natural shades of wood that always look original and never fabricated.

To ensure the high quality and grade of the wood, we only start cutting it once you place an order and work alongside you to determine the shade, characteristics, and customisations of the wood you require for your flooring, skirting, or panelling.

One-of-a-kind Afzelia Africana hardwood

Our Afzelia Africana wood ranges from pale yellow to light brown or even reddish-brown and has a medium lustre with straight and interlocked grain. This wood is durable and tough and the texture is coarse, making it one of the most exotic and valuable species of hardwood. This wood can be used from fine flooring to stair rails, decking, and even in balconies as it has strong resistance to mould, termites, and borers.

The craft and finish

Afzelia Africana wood can be easily cut with good and strong equipment and cutting tools which are needed in planning operations. The use of a filler is advised for a smoother surface and finish as well as pre-boring to avoid splitting. You can screw and nail this wood as it won’t cause any problems as well as varnish, polish, or even paint it. This wood is tough and so it is won’t spoil with any kind of finishes used on it.

Handmade to order

This wood can be used in tough constructions, shipbuilding, exterior, and interior joinery, flooring, panelling, cabinet and furniture components, industrial or heavy flooring, and much more.

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