At Trading Expression, we specialise in unique and striking hardwood and will source some beautiful timber, which when crafted by our craftsman, can be turned into something spectacular. Whether you want flooring for your home, high-end cabinets, and tabletops, or even planks of wood for a building project, we create something tailored to your requirements. We have a variety of hardwood that can meet every need from conception to installation and even delivery of your bespoke product.

Transforming spaces into luxurious environments

Our Afrormosia cutting board has a straight to interlocked grain and has a deep orange-brown shade when cut. Its texture is medium-fine with small pores and it is durable, tough with a dense bending and high crushing strength as well as resistant to shock loads and daily wear and tear. Even though this hardwood is water-resistant it must not be used in areas with a lot of water to avoid corrosion and decay.

The look, feel and finish

Afrormosia cutting board works well with both machine and hand tools. However, it’s best that you invest in tungsten carbide cutting tools as they are tough and will ensure that the wood is cut smoothly. This wood has a lovely polish and can split when nailed but if done well by professionals it can hold nails and screws well.

Varied uses of Afrormosia

This hardwood can be used in high-class furniture like cabinets, interior panelling, stairs, exterior components, sliced veneers, and more.

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