African Padauk

African Padauk

Our collection of hardwood consists of contemporary textures and materials that reflect the latest styles and trends in design. We work closely with our suppliers and clients as well as the world’s leading designers to enhance the pure natural feeling and structure of the wood to make it look genuine and never fabricated. Our African Padauk is an attractive wood that is stable, durable, and ideal for high-class furniture, cabinetmaking, and also kitchen equipment like knife handles. It can also be used as an African Padauk cutting board.

Tailor-made hardwood for your needs

This hardwood is resistant to daily wear and tear, abrasion, bending, warping and can withstand loads which makes it excellent for heavy-duty flooring that is tough and durable. This wood can even be sliced to make aesthetically pleasing decorative veneers. African Padauk is one of our exotic hardwoods which exhibits a reddish-orange tinge and over time can get a natural purple rose shade.

Exceptional stability and durability

This wood is fairly easy to work with owing to its natural durability and outstanding strength, it also has a faint aromatic scent when cut and its interlocked grain makes it suitable for flooring projects. Padauk dries quite quickly making it easy to work with and adds a beautiful finish to your home. It can easily be installed with nails, screws, and sliced without issues.

Modern, innovative, and sustainable uses

African Padauk is modern and innovative and can be used in a variety of furniture, flooring, cabinetwork, and kitchen equipment like knife handles. Our African padauk cutting board can also be used in seats, commercial joinery, stairs, shipbuilding, sculptures, sleepers, heavy carpentry, balcony flooring, and more.

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