Hardwood Species

Hardwood Species


At Trading Expression, we are one of the leading exotic hardwoods Camaroon suppliers. Our wide range of hardwood has been responsibly sourced from the extremely hot and humid Cameroonian forests which have developed a natural resistance to humidity and warmth.

We currently stock a good selection of huge dried African Ebony, Mahogany, Eyong, Okan, Tali, Dibetou, Amouk, and Padauk, as well as a selection of beautiful and popular classics.

Being a reputed and experienced forester and trader whether you are looking for a range of hardwood for your next home project, visually stunning wooden flooring for your office, or even a bespoke cut-to-size timber service to invoke a feeling of warmth and attractiveness in your house, we can deliver quality hardwood at affordable prices.

Unique hardwood for any application

At Trading Expression, as reputed exotic hardwoods Cameroon suppliers, we have a rigorous inspection, quality check, and more to ensure that the exotic hardwood meets the expectations of our customers. We only purchase our raw materials from suppliers who meet all our criteria and requirements and are at the top of their game in the market.

This level of professionalism also ranges to our shipping and transport executives who ensure that only the best quality wood gets delivered to your home. Our forester and trader company provides a wide range of choices for interior and exterior applications such as flooring, tabletops, decking, and more.

Impress your guests as well as your clients by installing top-quality, aesthetic hardwood flooring that not only increases the attractiveness of your property but its value as well.

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African Ebony

Pink-colored, but darkens to a pale red brown

African Mahogany

Pink when freshly cut, darkening to a reddish-brown, with pale goldern-brown zones, on exposure

African Padauk

Vivid reddish orange color that changes to a purplish-rose colored hue


White to pale-straw in colour with no clear distinction between sapwood and heartwood


Pale yellow to white, while the heartwood ranges from light brown to reddish-brown


Dark wood color Coppery brown with dark brown veins


Creamy-white to pale-straw in colour


Coarse textured wood with a very tight interlocked grain


Heartwood can be yellow-brown, grey-brown or light mauve


Yellow or aureate colour which darkens with time


Pale pinkish brown, darkening with age to a more golden to medium brown


Red-brown with lighter red to purple veining


Bronze orange-brown, with gum lines causing black streaks or lines


Pale yellow with white streaks


Grey to pale yellow or pinkish white, darkening to pale reddish brown


Whitish to pinkish brown, sometimes with yellowish markings


Golden-orange to brown, lighter vessel lines are conspicuous on flat saw surfaces


Dull brown to dark purplish brown, slightly darkening upon exposure


From pink-red to blood red and red-brown


one of the most sensual and satisfying of hardwoods that a furniture maker can encounter


Yellow to orangish brown; color tends to darken with age


Brown to orange-brown with darker brown streaks


Yellowish brown, often with a slight green tinge


Medium to dark reddish brown or purplish brown


From a pink-brown when fresh cut to deep red-brown


Yellowish brown to reddish brown


Dark brown, amost black


Light golden-yellow with narrow veining streaks of dark brown to almost black