About Us

About Us

Our approach

Forester and trader: 30 years of passion

It’s in 1976 the co-founder of Trading Expression, created his first lumber yard in Douala-Cameroon. Since then, he has never stopped to roam Cameroon forests, from East to West, from North to South, in search of quality wood. It’s these 30 years of exploration and discovery, these years of understanding and perfecting his knowledge of tropical tree species which are at the center of the services we offer at Trading Expression. By working with us, you are sure that the decisions and choices that you will make will be enlightened

Our business approach

We believe that a company lives through men for men. That’s why “building relationship” is at the core of each initiative we undertake. We strive every dayto learn a bit more on tropical hardwood species and the Cameroonian forests. It is in this knowledge and our willingness to share them that lies our contribution to each of our business relationships. Our objective: Building long lasting partnerships.

Our engagement in term of quality

Quality is the memory that we would like you to keep of our business relationship even when time would have done its work. That’s why we do not compromise on it; fromthe selection of trees in the forest to the packing of the lumbers, our main concern is: shipping top quality woods. Our guarantee of quality is the true testimony of our commitment. In fact, if the woods you receive do not correspond to the specification of your order, we will refund you entirely including the amount spent in opening the letter of credit

Nature: A privileged partner

Without trees life on Earth would be irreparably compromised” In the of Trading Expression, in addition to contributing to the quality of the air we breathe, trees is our raw material. Aware that this is a resource that is not inexhaustible we have decided to deeply invest not only to preserve it, but also torenew it.


Jean Michel MVODO, General Manager

We nicknamed him the “brain of the forest” because of his science and thorough knowledge of Cameroon’s forests and the hardwood species that growthere. Accompanied by his men on the field, its main role is to explore the forest and identify trees with high potential that have reached their maturity. Jean Michel, is also in charge of managing the relationship with our local partners and coordinating our reforestation effort.

Stive SONJA BEMBEL, Quality Control Manager

We told you how the quality was important for us; let us introduce you to our Commissioner of quality. Its motto: quality at any price. If he is not in the forest, he is probably in the sawmill. No piece of wood should be packed without being inspected, he watches over that and make sure it is done. In addition to his role as director, Stive Sonja, has relevant experience in the mechanical field which he uses with dedication in coordinating the maintenance of our equipments.

Yacoubou FADIMATOU: Development Manager

If you are a trader or a wholesaler of tropical woods species and you are present on the web, chances are Constant knows you. Whether she is in Douala, Montreal or in Mons, she is always on the phone, stuck to his computer or his tablet. When she is not elaborating strategies to improve and reinforce the relationship with our partners, she is communicating with them or on the internet in search of new business opportunities.